About Us

Mr. S. S. Rathi Whole Time Director & Plant Head, is a dynamic leader and a distinct personality in JSPL Group. He is a Mechanical Engineer by profession having a vast and diversified experience of 32 years, out of which he has spent more than 28 years with Jindal group starting from Hisar, Raigarh and Angul. Mr. Rathi had joined O.P. Jindal Group in 1986 at Hisar and worked around 19 years with late Shri Babuji. This experience is most cherishable to him and he still follows the amazing style of working which has won him lot of accolades within and outside the Group Companies. Mr. Rathi's work span at JSPL Raigarh is about 20 years and in which he was actively involved in most of the landmark Projects like DRI, Power Plant, Steel Melting Shop, Workshop, Utilities, RMH, RUBM, Blast Furnace, Plate Mill, major Water Supply Projects of JSPL, which has enabled him to gain overall expert knowledge of the entire Steel & Power Sector. Before joining NSPL, he worked at JSPL Angul for around 5 years and successfully completed one of the most prestigious project of JSPL i.e. 5 Meter wide Plate Mill with state of the art technology, which is the widest plate Mill in India and one of the widest in the world. Subsequently he also contributed significantly in coal gasification project of JSPL Angul before embarking upon a new and challenging journey as Director and Plant Head of Nalwa Steel and Power Limited, Raigarh. He is a firm believer of team work, and his unparalleled team work has resulted in many successful projects in JSPL Raigarh & Angul which were undertaken by him. His motto towards work is detailed deliberation and quality approach to any given task which makes him unique in his strides towards success. He pays importance of giving the utmost attention to the minutest details, to think and to be exact and precise. His striving for perfection, his meticulousness in whatever he did, is the most distinctive aspect of his personality. His style of making judgment is by assigning and assessing the job done before deciding anything as good or otherwise. Mr. Rathi is not only a strong proponent of "Imaandari" and "Mehnat" but also a God fearing and warm hearted person. He believes that Winning doesn't always mean being first, Winning means doing better than before. His mantra for success and satisfaction is "know more than others, work more than others and expect less than others". He is a well-known personality in the field of Crane Manufacturing and his contribution in this field is remarkable. He has manufactured more than 500 Cranes up to 400 MT Capacity and up to 45 meter Span. Under his leadership JSPL has won National Level Awards of the likes of Vishwakarma Award and Prime Minister's Shram Shree Award. Presently under his inspired leadership Nalwa Steel and Power is all set to write a new chapter of progress and prosperity.